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Angienoir on Reality Kings

Angienoir on Reality Kings
Sexy MILF Angie Noir is a true work of art. Tall, busty, and beautiful, this Hungarian brunette is a classically trained artist and muralist who's always been obsessed with sex in her personal life. At art school in Budapest, Angie let herself run wild with all the guys and girls she wanted, but once she got married and moved to the US, this beauty put aside her promiscuous ways...at least on the surface. Subconsciously, Angie still craved all the cock and pussy she'd been denying herself, and before long, her secret desires started spilling into her work, turning all her paintings mesmerizingly titillating. Angie's canvases no longer fit in at mainstream art venues, so she soon found herself presenting her works at erotic art shows and competitions, where she met people from the adult film industry and began to realize that performing was what she really wanted to do! This sexy Picasso of porn soon found herself filming her very first hardcore scene, right here on Reality Kings, and Angie knew immediately that this was the medium for her!
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