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rkprime: Building And Relieving Tension

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website: rkprime
models: Jada Kai Ricky Johnson
Ricky and Jada are at odds, today. There must be something in the air. Some sort of tension. Things just aren't meshing or vibing between them. But Jada simply has to get her yoga done. Something about her stretching out in front of Ricky, flexing out her legs, propping her round ass up just so... But it's restrictive in clothing. You can't really zen out while bound by fabric. So Jada peels off the clothing from her supple body, revealing perky tits and tiny waist ready to be held. She stretches and limbers up even more and Ricky is stunned. Jada loves building up some tension, but she's also an expert and relieving it. What if she invited Ricky to join in on same naked yoga? Maybe use her own oiled up body to massage his? That might be the distraction they need to solve todays argument! Watch the full RealityKings video now!
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