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Christina Shine on Reality Kings

Christina Shine on Reality Kings
Classically trained in Budapest as an artist, it wasn't enough for Christina Shine to create beautiful drawings, she wanted to transform her entire body into a masterpiece for all to admire. So, she worked her magic with makeup brushes, slipped into her silkiest lingerie, and stepped onto her first set in 2015--ready for her beauty to be captured forever on film! Because unlike the paintings in a museum, this gorgeous goddess was made to be touched. From Christina's soft blonde hair to her supple curves and lovely tits, she's an absolute dream to kiss and caress, and pornstars have been lining up around Europe's XXX community to experience her dominatrix loving. A sensual, sultry seductress, this Hungarian harlot can fulfill any man's most kinky fantasy with her sexual openness and naughty curiosity. So, get a good grip on your trousers, because Christina Shine is undressing to sweep you into a whirlwind of pleasure.

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