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Kiara Lord on Reality Kings

Kiara Lord on Reality Kings
Blonde Hungarian stunner Kiara Lord may look like a high-maintenance Euro model living a fast-paced life that most people can only imagine, but this beauty says that in reality, she's all about the simple things. Listening to music, watching movies, and hanging out with friends and family are Kiara's favorite ways to spend her day...that and a good long fuck! When it comes to sex, Kiara loves to keep things simple, too, eschewing over-the-top scenarios and paraphernalia for good old-fashioned lingerie and soft, romantic loving. With this sweet and sensual blonde showing you just what that means, you'll agree that there's no reason to mess with perfection! Kiara brings her delightfully simple approach to creating eroticism in all her scenes, and both she and the fans have been loving every second. "Porn can bring a lot of joy, fun, curiosity and passion. Personally I'm obsessed with it, I love working. I like that it makes me so free and relaxed." Simplify your life with Kiara now.

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