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Bunny Colby on Reality Kings

Bunny Colby on Reality Kings
You might think Nadya Nabakova is too prim and proper to be a porn starlet if you were to spot her working on her old-fashioned hobby of embroidery...until you get a glimpse of the pattern! This babe creates pieces showing cocks, pussies, and other naughty subjects that every pervert with great taste would be only too happy to hang on their wall. It just goes to show that this tall, slender Slavic beauty always has fucking on the brain! That's why Nadya never once hesitated after she decided to quit her government job, get herself a brand-new pair of big, fake tits, and move to LA so that she could be with her kind of horny people. Nadya has loved meeting other like-minded folks since joining the biz almost as much as she's enjoyed fucking them! With a love of getting dirty with both guys and gals, Nadya is getting plenty of inspiration for her erotic crafts, too. Watch her scenes now and you might just get inspired to new creative ways to get frisky!

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