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Gina Gerson on Reality Kings

Gina Gerson on Reality Kings
Part angel, part slut, Gina Gerson is a quiet, reserved Russian beauty that turns into a wild woman at the sight of a hard cock. Gina doesn't speak much and tends to avoid small talk, preferring to let her actions speak for her. It can be intimidating to people with weaker resolves, but once Gina lets her wild side loose, watch out. The calm, disciplined woman melts away to reveal a passionate, sex-crazed starlet. Gina kisses deep, uses a lot of tongue, and sucks every cock that touches her lips like it's the last she will ever taste. Gina doesn't smoke, drink, or do drugs, but losing her virginity gave her one addiction - orgasms! Gina does her best to cum every time she fucks on set, and if she doesn't she'll finish the job herself in the shower afterwards. When she does cum during a shoot, it's because of hard, rough sex, and usually happens during anal. When asked if she likes her job, Gina smiles and replies "I like it too much!" You're going to like Gina's scenes, and hopefully you get as turned on watching them as she does performing in them.

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