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Monica Belluci on Reality Kings

Monica Belluci on Reality Kings
If you want to impress Latina spinner Michelle Martinez, start by brushing up on your dance moves. This petite babe from Miami laughs that she won't even consider a guy unless he can whirl her around the club and prove he knows how to make her heart pound to the sexy rhythms of Bachata. This stunner has all the steps down pat, and as she undulates her hips to the music she'll make you fall in love with her booty! If you can prove you've got what it takes on the dance floor, Michelle will be ready to take you back to the bedroom! You're in for a treat, because this petite Latina babe has all the same seductive dancer's grace when it comes to fucking! Michelle always takes the lead in bed, and the way she moves her hips as she rides a hard cock will have you following her anywhere. With her petite body and big, natural tits, Michelle is the perfect armful, and you'll want to fill up her dance card! Take this busty Latina cutie for a spin now and watch her videos below.

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