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Pornsite: sneakysex
Date: 2019-01-19
Nothing makes petite bad girl Carolina Sweets hotter than the sound of a can of spray paint, so she loves bending over and letting Van Wylde squeeze her perky booty as she throws up her tags. Unfortunately, Carolina gets so into the moment flashing Van her tits that she doesn\'t even hear the cops rolling up until they cuff her and her man and put them in the back of the squad car! The forbidden is Carolina\'s ultimate aphrodisiac, so she leans over and gives Van a hands-free blowjob! The po-po just can\'t keep Carolina contained: she runs off and Van follows to a secluded spot where they manage to slip out of their cuffs so she can ride that big dick before Van tries some graffiti of his own with his cum on her face.

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Date: 2018-08-13
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Carolina\'s fans have been sending her so many presents, she decides to start an unboxing vlog so they can watch her open them. She has her friend Justin film as she unwraps a big gift box, pulling out a huge dildo! Justin isn\'t quite sure what to do when Carolina starts sucking on the toy and even fucking her tight pussy with it, but she insists her fans want a thorough review. Of course, that means she needs to compare it with a real dick...and luckily, special guest Justin\'s got a good one! She persuades her shy bud to join her in front of the camera and is shocked to discover Justin\'s cock is even bigger than the dildo, and it feels much better in her mouth and in her pussy! Carolina gives Justin\'s cock 5 stars, so he gives her a big load in her mouth!

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Pornsite: sneakysex
Date: 2018-06-16
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Cadey knows her big booty looks amazing in her new cherry red bodysuit, and she can\'t wait to show it off to her boyfriend Brick. The tight spandex hugging her curvy ass has an immediate effect on her man, and Brick can\'t help burying his face between her cheeks! But just when Cadey\'s about to suck his cock, a knock on the door makes Brick panic. He tries to hide her in the closet, but Cadey\'s bubble butt gets in the way. Brick finally conceals Cadey under the blankets...a second before his other girlfriend, Carolina, comes in. Unluckily for Brick, Carolina wants to stay in the bedroom and play with his hard dick...and so does Cadey, who fingers her pussy and even sits on Brick\'s face right behind Carolina\'s back! But Cadey can\'t keep herself and her big booty hidden forever...

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Pornsite: MomsBangTeens
Date: 2018-04-02
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After a long night of relaxing, snacking, and fucking, the last thing I wanted to do was wake up to a giant mess and have to explain it to my domineering step-mom. My house is in ruins and Helena is gonna be home any second. It also looks like my lazy girlfriend, Carolina, is more worried about whether or not she’s going to get more dick than clean up this pigsty. Fuck, who am I kidding? She’s begging for it while rolling around in those pajamas that barely cover anything… She arches her back on the couch, showing her eager body, teasing me… Fine. All right. Just a quickie then we’ll clean up before Helena gets here! That’s a plan, right? Who could focus on picking up trash when your hot girlfriend is begging for more? She slides her warm wet mouth over my cock as she stares at me with those blue eyes… Wait? Is that a car door? How long has it been?!

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Pornsite: Pure18
Date: 2017-07-31
Categories for this video: Blonde, Blowjob, Brunette, Doggystyle, Masturbation, Piercings, Shaved, Short Petite, Tattooed, Clean Up, Facial Pov, Indoors, White, Woman 20 29, Cum Shot, Sex
All cute Carolina Sweets wants for her 18th birthday is a big dick that she can suck off for the first time. Her mom missed her birthday after going travelling with her new boyfriend, so Carolina's big day is getting celebrated three months after the fact. Carolina's a promiscuous virgin who is eager to taste a massive cock down her throat. So when it comes time for her to blow out the candles, she makes a wish for her birthday dreams to cum true. Luckily for Carolina, her mom’s new boyfriend shows up to help celebrate. Sean Lawless is eager to meet his girlfriend's daughter, but he's in for a sexy surprise when this innocent looking teen just wants to get fucked! Tempted by this teasing teen, Sean doesn't want to get caught by his girlfriend with his pants down--and Carolina all over his cock! So, can Ms. Sweets be subtle enough and hold off on her big cock craving? Months after her eighteenth birthday, the real question is: can Carolina Sweets have her cock and fuck her mom's boyfriend, too?

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Date: 2016-11-28
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We had a fine southern belle join us for her First Time Audition last week. She was not shy about telling us how she loves sucking cock and cant wait to get into the biz. She told us some of her background and the wild sex adventures she'd had. We finally had enough talk and wanted to see what she really had. She took everything off to reveal her hot tight body and got right to playing with her wet pussy on the couch. Soon Tyler came and popped his dick out and she was all over it. This newbie had some serious cock sucking skills and was not afraid to slobber and gag while jamming his dick as far as possible. She really let out some loud moans once she got stuffed as she was so anxiously waiting for. Dont miss one second of this cute new star showing us her hot hot First Time Audition!

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