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Pornsite: momslickteens
Date: 2015-09-02
Teen Bailey Bae was confiding in her stepmom, Alina Long , about her boy problems when she interrupted her and let her know she knew Bailey was sexually active with one of her girlfriends. Kaitlynn\'s mom caught Bailey with her daughter in the pool house. Bailey was worried her stepmom would tell her dad but Alina let her know she could count on her to keep it a secret. She told Bailey about how so many of her friend\'s moms are sexually active with each other because the husbands are always too busy. She started coming on to Bailey and she freaked out. Her stepmom was not at all pleased with her attitude and disrespect towards her. She figured she needed some corporal punishment. Bailey\'s stockings were pulled down, she was thrown over her stepmother\'s lap and Alina Long began spanking. Alina knew she needed to teach her a lesson but also enjoy her young, nubile body.

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Pornsite: MilfNextDoor
Date: 2015-08-23
Categories for this video: 1 On 1, Amateur, Asslick, Blonde, Chic, General, Heels, Lesbian, Living Room, Masturbation, Mature 30, Shaved, Skinny, Tall, Toys, White
Alina Long is a sexy financial advisor who was highly recommended by one of Brianna's friends. Alina had a few promising stock options available but Brianna was interested in the preferred client portfolio. Alina alluded to the fact that it was a very exclusive club and that if Brianna wanted in she would have to do more than invest money. Alina slowly started to undress and complimented Brianna on her nice body. Soon enough, Brianna was on her back legs open getting her clit slurped on. Alina tongue fucked Brianna's tight little asshole and then pulled out a dildo from her purse. She rubbed it on her wet pussy while Brianna licked her ass. The ladies had the pleasure of experiencing multiple orgasms before closing the deal.

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Pornsite: MilfHunter
Date: 2014-10-13
Categories for this video: 1 On 1, Asslick, Blonde, Blowjob, Chic, Deepthroat, Doggystyle, European, Facial, Fit Athletic, General, Handjob, Heels, Living Room, Mature 30, Pussy Licking, Shaved, Skinny, Straight, Tattooed, Upskirts
Alina was hired by Levi to teach him proper etiquette when sitting at a table. Alina was a very strict Ukrainian woman that was supposedly related to European royalty. She came over to Levi's house to begin their lessons. As Levi was sitting at the table, he was noticing the banging body on Alina. He decided to teach her what he knew as well. So after some proper table manner lessons, Levi seduced this beautiful Ukrainian and banged her hard.

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Pornsite: MikesApartment
Date: 2007-09-12
Categories for this video: 1 On 1, Big Boobs Implants, Blonde, Lesbian, Lingerie, Masturbation, Mature 30, Puffy Nipples, Shaved, Tanlines, Tattooed, White
Today we have two sexy ass blondes that need a place to stay for a few days. I told them I only have one bed and if they didnt mind sharing it, that it would be fine. They had no problem with that. They start kissing each other with some nice foreplay action then it gets hot and nasty, and I got it all on tape. Check it out!

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