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Pornsite: MilfNextDoor
Date: 2009-05-09
It had been a while since Bailey had hung out with Bree and Kristen. So they got together for some coffee and caught up. Once the sex talk started, the girls got all hot and bothered. They decided to head back to their house for some real fun. Tons of pussy licking and titty sucking. Nothing like mature blondes and brunettes pleasing one another with their tongues. That is until the dildos and strap ons came into play. Moaning in ecstacy was going on and on. Enjoy.

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Pornsite: MoneyTalks
Date: 2008-02-19
This week we really wanted to find some couples to partake in some of the silliest games yet. First we got an unsuspecting couple to play naked wii, the guys girlfriend turned out to be hot that we had to let them play our new top secret Milf Hunter video game.Then we put another couple to the test by finding out exactly how well a girl Knows Her Boyfriend and lets just say that she shouldnt quit her day job. We also thought after much consideration that its time for us to see someone perform a foot job... with a twist. We asked a girl to giver a man a foot job but if she can get him off in under 4 mins we will make them a few hundred bucks richer. Last but not least we bring you our first instalment of American Pornstar. Dont miss a minute of this weeks episode, You will have to see it to believe it. In the mist of all the madness T decided to check out a classic ride his buddy was rebuilding. As soon as we got to the warehouse we noticed the hot lunch girl in extra tight shorts and small shirt selling food from her truck and forgot all about the car. We tried to get her into the warehouse but she was not having it until T started flashing the green. It went from a few bucks just to splash water on her t shirt and see her hard nipples to her showing her thong for some more cash to us giving her serious benjamins just to get in her tight pussy.Trust me a nice round ass like hers is well worth more than what we payed for.

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Pornsite: StreetBlowjobs
Date: 2008-01-27
Damn who knew i could get so lucky.I spotted a fine little cutie looking for clothes and i just had to help.So i gave her a helping hand..wink..wink..and give her the little green men.Took her to the back and BAM..code X..This one had a nice body so you know i had to take my time on this one...

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Pornsite: InTheVIP
Date: 2008-01-15
Its that time once again to hit the club with a bevy of beauties and party hard at the VIP. Josh decided to stay real close to Jayden and Eva. The whole night these three were inseparable. Josh leaned over and mentioned how he was working on a threesome. As soon as we showed them a good time behind the velvet rope all of their inhibitions disappeared and they were game for anything that might be thrown their way. Josh let me know when they were ready to hop on his cock and thats when we took the trio private. We went back to my house and let them romp and chomp all over each other. Josh had four juicy ass cheeks to fondle and manhandle. In turn they handled his manhood and made him explode all over Evas ass and Jaydens tits. The VIP is truly a weapon one must have to accomplish the hot babe mission.

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Pornsite: InTheVIP
Date: 2007-10-09
It was a power party on the west coast with new faces and hott bodies. We took over our section of the club and let the ladies go wild. With our new ladies doing there thing Jonny had plenty of time to get his groove on. He tried a couple on for safe measure in the club while others had some drinks and watch a player at work. He could not make up his mind so he took two home. These blonde bombshells were all over each other and demanding the cock. Jonny did not really have a choice at that point. He complied with the demand and fucked them properly while they licked and sucked the rest of the night away.

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