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Pornsite: sneakysex
Date: 2018-10-27
Categories for this video: Amateur, Black Hair, Blowjob, Cheating, Cum On Ass, Doggystyle, Ebony, Fit Athletic, Tattooed, Tittyfuck, Couples Fantasies, Indoors, Trimmed, Woman 20 29, Work Fantasies, Cum Shot, Sex
The last thing ebony bartender Aaliyah Hadid wants to do on her day off is go to a bar, but at least the watering hole her boyfriend dragged her to has a hottie slinging suds! Aaliyah wastes no time trading bar-tending lingo and flirtatious banter with Logan Long, even flashing him her big tits right under her boyfriend\'s nose. After Logan conveniently spills his shaker all over her man, Aaliyah hops behind the bar to suck on Logan\'s hose! She rides Logan\'s hard cock until she\'s worked up a huge thirst, and he serves her up a big load of hot cum all over her round booty!

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Pornsite: RoundAndBrown
Date: 2018-04-27
Categories for this video: Bedroom, Black Hair, Blowjob, Cheating, Doggystyle, Ebony, Facial, Fit Athletic, Heels, Living Room, Piercings, Swallow, Bathroom, Big Tits Worship, Clean Up, Couples Fantasies, Anal Play, Cum Shot
Jessy has always been an optimistic and opportunistic gentleman. His wife has been fairly busy lately - she\'s out with friends, having fun, partying… Meanwhile he\'s at home, alone and ignored in more ways than one! As she leaves, Jessy gets reassured - don\'t wait up, honey! Order in! Well, that\'s exactly his plan. Browsing through some of the (now illicit) more intimate sections of the internet, Jessy finds the perfect meal to have delivered; the wonderfully curvy and seductive Aaliyah Hadid! This soul-stealing fiend shows up in a tight red dress that barely hides her curves. Without any adieu, the two get to work grinding and teasing while the wife is away. Can Jessy cover Aaliyah in the slut sauce she\'s been craving before the ball-and-chain gets home? Or will she walk in on Jessy balls deep in the moaning and eye-rolling goddess he ordered off the internet?

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Pornsite: RoundAndBrown
Date: 2018-02-23
Categories for this video: Amateur, Black Hair, Blonde, Blowjob, Cheating, Doggystyle, Ebony, Fit Athletic, Hairy Bush, Hotpants, Piercings, Bathroom, Couples Fantasies, Indoors, Cum Shot
Aaliyah is looking to pick up some yoga lessons over at Eve\'s house. Jessy makes his way in to spy on the girls as they bend, stretch, and flex their assets. While his girlfriend definitely has a nice body, he can\'t help but stare at Aaliyah\'s round ass, perky tits, and devilish smile… It\'s not cheating if you\'re just looking, right? Plus Aaliyah seems to enjoy and even welcome the attention. Jessy waits for his perfect moment to spy on the curvy yoga student as she showers after the workout. And he\'s in luck; Aaliyah has no problem swallowing his cock for a cheating shower fuck fest! Just because Eve is a good yoga instructor doesn\'t mean she can neglect her boyfriend…

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Pornsite: rkprime
Date: 2018-01-29
Categories for this video: 2 Girl Blowjob, Amateur, Black Hair, Blonde, Doggystyle, Ebony, Fit Athletic, Hairy Bush, Living Room, Outside, Piercings, Tattooed, Big Tits Worship, Facial Multiple, Indoors, Trimmed, Woman 20 29, Cum Shot
It’s Aaliyah Hadid’s eighteenth birthday, and naughty Aaliyah always gets what she wants on her special day! Today, she’s taking it to the streets to organize a gangbang!(!!!) Aaliyah struts her stuff in a sexy romper as she advertises what she has on offer: her gorgeous face, delicious mouth, tempting tits, and amazingly hot ass. This hot-to-trot hussy does everything in her power to get the gangbang going, from hanging posters to declaring her desire for dick through a megaphone. But will it be enough to get the multi-dick action she desires? Or will the guys pass up the chance to have Aaliyah’s lips and pussy wrapped around their cocks? Aaliyah is making sure her birthday wish comes true with a happy ending for everyone: first she’s letting these guys run on a train on her, then she’s blowing out all those candles!

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Pornsite: WeLiveTogether
Date: 2018-01-02
Categories for this video: 69, Amateur, Asslick, Black Hair, Blonde, Brunette, Cheating, Ebony, Fit Athletic, Hairy Bush, Lesbian, Masturbation, Piercings, Pussy Licking, Scissors, Short Petite, Big Tits Worship, Couples Fantasies, Fetish, Indoors, Anal Play, Finger Banging
Aaliyah Hadid is on the phone with her boyfriend; he’s gone on vacation with his buddies and she misses him. She’s also really horny, so she starts having phone sex with her bae, unaware that her hot roommate, Darcie Dolce is eavesdropping on the conversation! In fact, Aaliyah’s dirty talk is so steamy that Darcie’s pussy gets dripping wet -- so wet that she sneakily masturbates while listening to the call! Then, the horny brunette approaches the bed, but Aaliyah catches her and chases her away. When Aaliyah resumes dirty talking to her boyfriend, Darcie sneaks back into the room. Determined to help her roommate get off and make her moan, she crawls to the bed and starts licking Aaliyah’s juicy pussy! This time, Aaliyah doesn’t try to stop her! Instead, she ends the call with her boyfriend and the two roommates give in to their Sapphic lust as they lick and fuck each other’s pussies!

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Pornsite: BigTitsBoss
Date: 2017-05-02
Categories for this video: Amateur, Black Hair, Blowjob, Brunette, Cum On Tits, Doggystyle, Ebony, Fit Athletic, Hairy Bush, Heels, Office, Piercings, Pussy Licking, Tittyfuck, Big Tits Worship, Clean Up, Indoors, Work Fantasies, Cum Shot, Pussy Eating, Sex, Titty Fuck
Busty boss Aaliyah Hadid has been working on an extremely important report. Only, when her computer malfunctions, Aaliyah loses all of her work! Frustrated, Ms. Hadid calls up IT guy Van Wylde to try and get her report back. Only, Van is completely distracted by Aaliyah's cleavage and can't stare at the computer screen when some pretty massive boobs are near his face! Aaliyah notices Mr. Wylde staring at her tits and in order to get over the fact that she's lost all of her hard work, she decides to take out her frustrations on the IT guy! Ms. Hadid shoves Van's face into her tits, then quickly drops to her knees and sucks his big cock until she's wetter than an ocean and ready to ride him until it's quitting time!

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Pornsite: RoundAndBrown
Date: 2017-01-27
Categories for this video: 1 On 1, Black Hair, Blowjob, Deepthroat, Doggystyle, Ebony, Facial, Fit Athletic, General, Glasses, Living Room, Masturbation, Piercings, Straight, Tattooed, Woman 20 29, Yoga Pants
Aaliyah Hadid was playing video games with Bruno. She was beating his ass. She was so good that he was complaining that she must be cheating. If he already assumed she was cheating why not play a little unfair and distract him more. She got down in front of him and twerked her butt in front of his face. Obviously his mind was no longer with the game. He pulled her pants down and stuck his nose into her ass crack. It seems the game was over. She won the grand price. Hot sex. So Aaliyah pulled down his pants and started to lick his lollipop. Then she was getting some deep doggystyle. Next she was on top for some cowgirl action. After that they were spooning which gave us a great view of her wonderful breasts and her nipple piercings. They finished with a wild missionary and he came all over her face and her glasses.

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Pornsite: RoundAndBrown
Date: 2017-01-06
Categories for this video: 1 On 1, Amateur, Ass Worship, Big Boobs Implants, Black Hair, Blowjob, Brunette, Doggystyle, Ebony, Facial, Fit Athletic, General, Heels, Kitchen, Piercings, Pussy Licking, Spanking, Straight, Trimmed
Chad arrived at his place with Aaliyah waiting for him wearing only a tutu. She asked him to teach her how to twerk. She offered him some cupcakes and a piece of pussy, an offer Chad couldn't refuse. He gave her a quick lesson and then bent her over the kitchen countertop and fucked her tight pussy all over the place. After pounding Aaliyah's sweet pussy, Chad blasted his jizz all over her pretty face.

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